Safety Tips for Dogs

15 May 2019 15:11

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Summer is a great time to enjoy nature with your pets. It's time to go to the beach, there is a barbecue in the garden or hang in the garden. White Dog Names But in a few days the sun can burn and when we feel fresh and fresh only by drinking ice-cold drink, it is important to remember the situation of your fry friend too!

Here are 5 quick safety measures for dogs in summer:

Donate water and shade

Do you know that dogs do not control the heat and what do we do? This is the reason why keeping them inside hot days is really ideal. However, if you really need to go out and stay long in the summer, make sure you have a good, comfortable place to relax your pets. White Dog Names Do not forget to give too much water!

Buy cheap plastic pool

Do you want to take bath due to heat? This is very likely for your dog! Buy cool plastic baby pools (Dog Nails Can Flood) to cool your pet if the pool is not available, then sprinkler or tube can give fun and refreshment!

Walk with your dog during the quiet days of the day

If you have a day plan for your dog, then morning or late afternoon, when the steps are not very hot. Hot sand or fountains burn your fury friend's paws. If you need to walk during the day, use it to wear protective shoes or to enter grass or wild areas.

Allow your dog to drink only fresh water

When you are swimming with your pet, do not allow it to be eaten by ponds, seas or pools as it can be harmful for it. White Dog Names Saltwater cancer causes dehydration and vomiting, and if there is any overdue, it can also be fatal.

For signs of heat stroke see

It is important to know that your pet has a heat stroke and when you move it to VAT. Early signs of heat stroke in dogs include balance disorder, excessive drawing, heavy whey and bright red brain. Advanced signals of heat stroke include respiratory, drowsiness, vomiting, and white brain.

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